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Payment Methods

The Krude Store aims to facilitate customers by all means possible and thus various payment methods have been incorporated to ease the process of payment. Goods purchased online can be paid for in 3 simple ways:

Cash On Delivery

As per the popular trend, goods maybe paid for once they reach the customers at their delivery address. The charges for cash on delivery are slightly higher than for orders that have been prepaid. Cash on delivery service has been introduced to facilitate customers who do not have access to bank accounts or payment cards or find such cards difficult to use and trust. The service provides hassle free delivery of goods and customers are required to pay for the goods once they reach the delivery address defined.

Direct Bank Transfer

Direct bank transfer is a means of prepayment for people with access to bank accounts and payment cards. Customers are required to directly transfer the money in the bank account of the Krude Store for the exact amount of their purchase along with the delivery charges as calculated by the website’s e-commerce system. Once the payment has been made a confirmation call will be initiated immediately to the customer for the confirmation of the payment. The store will not be held responsible if the customer mistakenly enters a wrong bank account number. In case of a short fall of deposited amounts the customer will be asked to pay the remaining balance for the order to be dispatched while if the customer deposits in exccess of the amount payable then the excess will be refunded to the customer.

Payment via Card (Debit/Credit)

Payment via Debit and Credit cards is a popular phenomenon across the globe. Customers have the facility to avail this service on the Krude store and pay by Visa or Master Card. The use of cards is secured by the payment providing bank and the Krude Store will not be held responsible in case of any fraud or leakage of card or bank details.

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